Opening: Saturday, July 4th - Performances in front of the Gallery start at 3pm, opening of the Gallery at 7pm

Galerie im Turm, Friedrichshain

GA_4: Power of Spoken Words, Rum46, Denmark

Global Alien_Power of Spoken Words

Is language power itself, or a tool used by power? The performance IMPORT EXPORT is an in-put/out-put system dealing with this question. The audience interacts through putting danish words into a tent and receiving answers from GLOBALALIEN in different forms.


Wed 15. 7. 09 · 12 a.m. Performance IMPORT EXPORT at the Mølleparken of Århus
Fr 17. 7. 09 · 7 p.m. Opening with Presentation of GLOBALALIEN and Performances in the Gallery Rum46, Århus
Sat 18. - Sun 19. 7. 09 Exhibition, Gallery Rum46, opening hours: 12 - 17 p.m.
Studsgade 46,
8000 Århus C